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The New Manifesto is a moonly zine with drawing, photos, writing and my comic strip Small Circles! 

Each issue, sent out on the full moon, includes a new manifesto, or part of one, written by all sorts of people or groups over the years. These are words you can live by, take from, add onto, treat as a poem, read with vague indifference, or use to start a fire. I love manifestos for their strong language and feeling of endless potential.

Other things you will find in each issue: a series of images (drawings or otherwise), an installment of Small Circles comic strip, the Tea Time Report (a piece of my writing), and an interview with someone I have encountered. Some issues will have an opportunity for reader participation, some issues will have goodies. There may be more and there is only one way for you to find out!


The New Manifesto is meant first as a physical object, an actual zine made of paper that comes to you through the mail. When you subscribe, you and I are entering into a remote, physical relationship. That’s why mail is the best. Paper subscription is $8 (£6.50) per issue, (for international recipients) and includes biannual gifts sent on the solstices.

For those who are weary of paper, have no place to receive mail, would prefer to spend less money, or for other reasons, there is an electronic version you can subscribe to! This is a very fine option indeed, however, know that you may miss the occasional extra that will be sent out in the paper version. Electronic subscription is $4 (£3) per issue.

***Please, send me an email at alex.bildsoe@gmail.com if you would like to subscribe or if you have any questions!