The little damp room in your face.

The mouth is a busy place: food goes in, words come out, air moves through, objects and body parts visit, liquids go in, liquids come out. My inquiry has involved interviews, discussions, events, drawing, photography, and surveys. This research has gone alongside my master's dissertation, The Illustrative Properties of Flavour, and continues in my current practice.


Mouth books 

These are small books made of sugar paper that I gave to people with the request of recording what happens with their mouths: what goes in, what comes out, and what it touches. (Winter 2016)

tongue website.jpg

Saliva Tides

Images of my own mouth made with a high-resolution scanner. (Winter 2016)


Morning Mouth Activity Form

A questionnaire distributed which inquired about the first encounters of the morning. What is the first thing your mouth touched? What did you eat for breakfast? (Spring 2016)


Dinner in the Dark

This was an exploration of how we perceive food. Guests sat in the silent dark and ate their way through a mysterious map of composed bites. The food went chronologically from the shortest residency time in the mouth (juice) to the longest (raw butternut squash and carrot cubes), followed by a taste playground of sweet bites for dessert. (April 2016)

hannah food.jpg


I inquired and listened as four women talked to me about their mouths. They spoke of shifting jaws, flossing, kissing types, professional tasting, wired-shut jaws, teeth as piano keys, an art-deco mouth and so much more. (Spring 2016)