1.  Every moment contains an opportunity for aesthetic orchestration or appreciation.

2.  Convenience is the enemy of creativity. Keep aspects of life slightly challenging, or the price paid is lost ingenuity.

3.  Making things builds self-worth and independence. Allowing your brain to "turn off" with the help of screens inhibits freethinking and numbs the sense of self.

4.  Perception is an integration of all the senses; art must reflect this.

5.  Using unfamiliar mediums or playing with familiar ones is an important exercise.

6.  No reason need exist for action.

7.  Think with your hands.

8.  Lick your plate clean.



'I think it's even more important nowadays to keep anarchism in your mind when you're thinking about being a creative person in a capitalist system.'

                                        -Me, Curlew Quarterly Autumn 2017