In March 2017, I was a part of a collaborative show at the Newlyn Art Gallery in Cornwall, UK, called Palace of Culture: House of Questions curated by Keiken Collective.  'House of Questions was a week-long event of FREE workshops, food, talks, art, performance, conversations
and open source data. This event is a space for all ages to come together and enjoy learning in dynamic,
unexpected and exciting ways; how can we see the world differently in our ‘networks of networks’?'

My contribution was twofold. First, an interactive dinner/performance known as Dinner in the Dark. In this manifestation of it (I have done a few), participants were guided through a tour of our solar system through carefully constructed bites of food, with a live soundtrack of cello over sounds recorded in outer space.  Second was a screening of my film called International Taste Station, a fictional check in from a research station located inside a person's mouth.


Dinner in the Dark

This event was conceived and designed by me and facilitated by Keiken Collective. I sent them an extremely detailed set of instructions, recipes, scripts and notes about the evening and they executed it gorgeously. Participants were blindfolded and led into the gallery where they sat around a long table and were sequentially served small cups with food, each reproesenting a celestial body in our solar system. 


International Taste Station

This is a film documenting some of the research gathered on our perception of flavor during my MA at Falmouth University. It is a fictional report from the International Taste Station, which is located in the mouth a research subject, when the subject is given a series of foods and the images that come up are composites of experience, physical sensation, cultural context, and more. 

International taste station still.JPG